Saturday, 11 August 2012

Generation Y: Making Culture


This week was a hard concept to write about as I have a fairly pessimistic view of the culture I live in. I don't see myself as the typical Aussie - I find cricket boring and I don’t really like AFL or Rugby. I don't drink beer and I don’t particularly like BBQ’s either. I listen to mostly English, American and some Australian pop, punk and rock music; I am an avid consumer and buy things such as clothing, books, CD’s and other merchandise mostly online. I would probably be considered a stereotypical 22 year old Generation Y female that grew up with technology and I am part of a generation that tends to understand modern technology better than any generation before it.

Gavatorta (2012) describes Generation Y as those born after 1980 that are considered “tech savvy, family-centric, team oriented, and attention craving.” We are seen as a generation that drink too much, spend too much, share too much, and don’t care about anything - except ourselves. We will happily post drunk/half naked/incriminating photos of ourselves on Facebook or Twitter for the world to see. We use social media like it’s going out of fashion and laugh at our parents who seem ignorant when they don’t know what ‘tweeting’ is, or don’t fully understand the concept of Facebook.

We never have enough and always want more - more money, more ‘stuff’, more friend requests, and more Twitter followers. For example in 2008, Gen Y consumers spent US $33.7 billion on apparel, approximately US $4-$17 billion higher than that of any other age group” (Tran, 2008 as cited in Koo, Knight, Yang, and Xiang, 2012). Whether people like it, we are here and we are the driving force of the culture that consumes much of western society.


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Koo, W, Knight, DK, Yang, K & Xiang, Z 2012, 'Generation Y Consumers' Value Perceptions toward Apparel Mobile Advertising: Functions of Modality and Culture', International Journal of Marketing Studies, vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 56-66.


  1. This is a great blog about the relevant idea of Gen Y culture! I like how you have linked it all to this week’s topic in a relatable and slightly casual way. It flows well and your research is evident and well incorporated. It’s great to see you looking outside of the readings and finding scholarly sources to back up you rather intimate statement at the beginning. The image of the Dalai quote is a great find, and it adds a new element and depth to your points and is a great way to extend your word limits. Well done on a perfect blog post!

  2. This post is great Kate. I really like the way you have used your generation as the main factor affecting your culture. To tell you the truth, I didn't even consider my generation in my post about how I make culture. But you have really opened up my thinking, because at second thought, being born into Generation Y has had a huge influence on me. So you have argued your point very well!!

  3. This blog post is really great! Your entire blog flows and is structured really well. I like that you have related it to generation Y so that it is easy to relate to. Your use of references worked really well and I love the image that you have used as it further enhances your point. I also enjoyed that you made it personal at the beginning and then went into more detail about generation Y. I do also agree with you that we are the driving force of culture. A really current and appropriate blog post!